Thanks for the memories!

Here's what our political scientists found at the back of their drawers ...

By Cathy Harper. Election Watch Editor

This year has been a particularly wild ride in terms of American politics.

But the election campaigns of the past have each had their own significance.

Election Watchers from the University of Melbourne delved into the back of their drawers at home and came up with these. Thanks for the memories!

1. The power couple of '92 makes a comeback in '16

Bill and Hillary Clinton campaign badge

2. The times they are a changin' ...

Elect Hillary's husband campaign badge

3. It's not the first time concern has surfaced about the future of America

Ronald and Nancy Reagan campaign badge

4. Before "bling" was a thing, there was Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower necklace

5. Al Gore was running on an environmental platform before his narrow defeat by George W Bush in 2000

Bill Clinton and Al Gore campaign badge

6. Donald Trump repeatedly claimed Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server was "bigger than Watergate"

Nixon campaign badge

7. In the 1960s, Australia went "all the way with LBJ"

LBJ campaign badge

8. And finally, no trip down recent memory lane would be complete with mention of the Bush family

George H.W. Bush campaign badge

Anti George W Bush unofficial badge

Special thanks to Associate Professor Sally Young, Andrew Hockley, Annie Rahilly and Phillip Gardner for supplying the images.


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