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1 June 2022 - Politics, Election

WeChat and the Australian election

Threats to Australia’s national security have been coming from all directions in this campaign – Solomon Islands’ Prime Minister Manneseh Sogavare’s secretive security deal with China, Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles caught on tape calling China’s engagement with the Pacific a “good thing”, and most recently the Chinese surveillance ship Haixingwang sailing off the Australian coast in international waters, deemed by Australia’s Defence Minister to be “an aggressive act”.

25 July 2018 - Politics, Policy

Australian democracy needs a ‘Department of the Opposition’

One of the criticisms that is often made about opposition parties is that they don’t represent an alternative government. Rather, they just criticise whatever it is that the government is trying to do, without actually providing a better alternative. This state-of-affairs has been expressed by the former Labor Government led by Julia Gillard, when it referred to the (then) Opposition as the ‘No-alition’.

21 September 2017 - Economy/Jobs, Politics, Foreign Policy, Immigration, National Security, Election, Policy, Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Social Democratic Party (SPD), Christian Social Union (CSU), The Left, Alliance ‘90/The Greens, Alternative for Germany, Free Democratic Party

Will Germany be a stabiliser in turbulent times?

Some have claimed that the German political scene this year is boring. But perhaps we need less excitement and greater predictability in an era of Brexit and Trump.

6 June 2017 - Politics, National Security, Election, Conservative Party, Labour Party, Scottish National Party (SNP)

The British election: After the terror

The British Prime Minister has confirmed the UK’s General Election will go ahead following Saturday night's terror attack in London that saw three attackers kill seven people and injure 48 others. Speaking outside Downing Street following the attacks, Theresa May said that “violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process.”

20 April 2017 - Economy/Jobs, Politics, Foreign Policy, Immigration, National Security, Election, Social Policy, Policy, Race, National Front, Republicans, En Marche, Socialist Party, Unsubmissive France

The French presidential elections will settle whether or not the Brexit-Trump phenomenon is contagious

After the shock Brexit result in Britain in June 2016 and Donald Trump’s unexpected triumph a few months later, in November, what are the chances of the right-wing Front National’s Marine Le Pen completing a populist trifecta in the French presidential elections?

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