Announcing the Political Logies!

Vote for the Best Worst Campaign Ad of 2016

By Erin Mathews. Election Watch journalist

Kevin O’Lemon, It’s Time, Whinging Wendy and now Fake Tradie – let’s face it, political ads can end up being one of the most interesting things you see during an election campaign.

To honour the great tradition of bad acting, nationalistic jingles, oversimplified messages and words in capital letters over black and white pictures, Election Watch is proud to announce the Political Logies (#Pogies)! We are searching for the Best Worst Campaign Ad of 2016. 

Your votes will decide the winner of the inaugural Gold Pogie Crown - cast your ballot here.

Voting closes midnight Thursday, so be quick to ensure a worthy winner of the Gold Pogie!

Image courtesy Nathan/Flickr


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