Red Book, Blue Book – How do elections impact on policy?

Insights from a former civil servant who has served under five prime ministers and nine cabinet ministers in this episode of The Policy Shop podcast.

In a political system like Australia, where federal elections must be held every three years, what impact do they have on policy making, its processes, implementation and outcomes?

Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Professor Glyn Davis is joined by former Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, Lisa Paul, and University of Melbourne political scientist Dr Scott Brenton to discuss elections and policy making in this, the fifth episode of The Policy Shop podcast.

For further analysis on the impact of elections on the policy making process read Andrew Trounson’s scene setter here.

The Policy Shop is a monthly podcast where we discuss public policy and the way it affects Australia and the world. Hosted every month by Professor Davis, each podcast, featuring national and international guests, will examine a different public policy subject.

In the next episode of The Policy Shop, Professor Davis will be joined by John Daley, Chief Executive of the Grattan Institute, as we ask the question: Have Governments become too large.

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