Malcolm Turnbull claims victory

By Cathy Harper. Editor, Election Watch

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has formally claimed victory in the 2016 Australian federal election, eight days after the vote was held.

The announcement came about an hour after the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten conceded defeat on Sunday afternoon, saying he had telephoned to Mr Turnbull to congratulate him and wish him well.

The Prime Minister said the Coalition would be unrelenting in providing "good government" and "wise legislation", and said he intended to work constructively with the crossbenchers.

Mr Turnbull also promised maintain a strong economy and health services.

He acknowledged there would be some changes to the Coalition ministry because some senior figures had not been returned.

The vote count in the cliffhanger result continues, and it is still not entirely clear whether the Coalition will win enough seats to govern in its own right or as a minority government.

Shorten concedes

Mr Shorten earlier vowed to work with the Government to find common ground.

“I am proud Labor is back, Labor is united and Labor has found its voice,’’ Mr Shorten said at a press conference in Melbourne.

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Images from stills taken from a broadcast by ABC News 24


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