And the Gold Pogie goes to...

The full list of winners of the Election Watch Political Logies

By Erin Mathews. Election Watch journalist

Kevin O’Lemon, It’s Time, Whinging Wendy and now Fake Tradie – let’s face it, political ads can end up being one of the most interesting things you see during an election campaign.

To honour the great tradition of bad acting, nationalistic jingles, oversimplified messages and words in capital letters over black and white pictures, Election Watch ran the inaugural Political Logies (#Pogies)! 

We asked you to vote for the Gold Pogie winner of the Best Worst Campaign Ad of 2016. We also enlisted University of Melbourne political scientists to award Silver Pogies. And the winners are...

Silver Pogie for Most Oblivious Ad 

Dr Andrea Carson from the School of Political and Social Sciences awards her expert Pogie to the Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter. Here's why:

Katter is no doubt a believer in the axiom 'all publicity is good publicity', as he revelled in the outrage this unusual ad sparked when it was published in the immediate aftermath of the massacre in Orlando, Florida.

Dr Carson says this ad wins the Silver Pogie hands down, "because it's in poor taste, was badly timed, not funny and advocates violence. It got attention for all the wrong reasons. It's not how we do politics in Australia."

Silver Pogie for Best Ball-tearer Ad 

Nick Reece, Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne, gives his Silver Pogie to the two ads made for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. The ads portray a family and a woman who cannot afford to visit their local GP.

"They are real life Australia, they are relevant and they had bite. The ball-tearer of the campaign," says Mr Reece.

And the winner of the inaugural Gold Pogie Crown is... Fake Tradie!  

The Gold Pogie, like it's namesake, is the people's choice of the Best Worst Ad of the Election.

Officially, the Liberal party's ad is named 'Labor's war on the economy will cost jobs', but that message was lost the minute it aired as #FakeTradie went viral. Viewers were sure the man in the ad was an actor - until some intrepid members of the media tracked down the very real tradie, Andrew MacRae. And so that chapter of Australian political history came to a close. 

The Gold Pogie wasn't always in the bag for Fake Tradie - Bob Katter's shoot 'em up ad took an early lead in voting, but in the final 24 hours of the poll Fake Tradie ran away with the crown, winning nearly 50% of the vote. Here's the breakdown of the poll results:

Gold Pogie voting breakdown

The Nationals came in last, with their anthemic ode to regional Australia only garnering 4% of votes. This correspondent thinks it's been drastically underrated as the Least Best Worst Ad of the Campaign, so let's close with a singalong:

Banner image courtesy Nathan/Flickr


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