PODCAST: Trump, Brexit and the future of democracy

The international political landscape in 2017 is coloured by Brexit, the advent of the Trump administration in the United States, and several elections in Europe.

These developments raise crucial questions about democracy, populism and the role of the media. 

Our expert panel considers whether citizens are losing faith in democracy; why populist parties and movements have gained prominence in Europe and North America; whether constitutional institutions can and should withstand the onslaught of populism; and what is the role of media, amid heated debates about political trust, 'fake news' and freedom of speech.

- Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne

- Prof Philomena Murray, EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges & School of Social and Political Sciences
- Professor Adrienne Stone, Director, Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, Melbourne Law School
- Dr Andrea Carson, Lecturer in Media and Politics, School of Social and Political Sciences
- Dr Roberto Foa, Lecturer in Political Science, School of Social and Political Sciences

Panelists at "Trump, Brexit and the future of democracy" event

The audio was recorded at a public forum held on Wednesday 17 May 2017, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre, University of Melbourne, Parkville campus. 

The forum was hosted by the Melbourne School of Government and the EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges.

Image of event: (left-right) Professor Glyn Davis, Dr Andrea Carson, Professor Adrienne Stone, Dr Roberto Foa; Professor Philomena Murray. Credit: Sina Lengelsen. EU Centre for Shared Complex Challenges.


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